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Gifts that represent your business should be beautiful, professional, and perfectly chosen for the recipient and occasion. Just Mo Luxury Hampers is here to help with all of your employee, client, and corporate event gifting needs. Simply give us a call and we will get to work on providing you with specially curated options for your business. Below is a sampling of services we are pleased to offer

There are so many reasons to give gifts to your treasured employees and clients. Whether you need gifts for the entire firm, or just the newest client, we can help you express your sentiment with gifts to suit every budget and scale.

We can bring them directly to you so you may give them personally, or we can deliver them to your recipient(s) on your behalf. We happily hand write your gift message into each card as part of our complimentary five-star service.

We also invite you to provide us with a supply of your corporate stationary, business cards, or other marketing literature which we can include with your gifts as well.

From intimate dinner presentation favors, to welcome gifts for an entire convention – we can help with any occasion!

Contact us with the details of your event and we will provide you with a fully curated menu of options. You simply choose what you love the most and we take care of the rest.

Have your business gifts custom wrapped in your company colors or according to your event theme.

We can provide you with a custom gift wrapping design to reflect your business’s image.

Do you need 100 copies of your CEO’s book gift wrapped? No problem!

Would you like to offer a gift wrapping service to online customers without actually having to wrap them yourself? No problem!

Just Mo Luxury Hampers is an independent wedding gift list company.
Our couples can add any item from any retailer to their List alongside a Honeymoon fund, cash gifts and donations to any charity of there choice.

All you need to do is register an account with us and you can start adding gifts to your list. This service is free and is our Premier Service account.

You will find lots of help and inspiration in our Inspiration Lists, or you can simply browse and begin building your own list. And with our Premier Service account if you want to add something from a Brand Partner that you can’t find on site, we’ll add it for you free of charge!

If you want to add cash gifts, honeymoon funds or charity donations to your list you’ll need to upgrade to our Premier Plus account at just £39. The Premier Plus account also allows you to add up to 10 Bespoke Gifts from non-Brand Partners. After this small initial fee, all cash transactions are commission fee free, meaning that 100% of your guest’s gift will come to you!

Once you’ve created your gift list, simply give your guests your unique gift list number and relax while they get shopping! After the wedding we arrange to have your items shipped to you when you’re ready and have any cash transferred to your bank account.

We don’t charge you to create a list and we don’t charge your guests to buy from it. We don’t even charge you or your guests for delivery from our Brand Partners either!

List: Kitchen, Tableware, Bed & Bath, Home Decor, Electrical, Outdoors, Honeymoon Fund, Cash & Charity.

The corporate identity of your business is as crucial as the air you breathe to survive. The Brand Is Everything! It is the specifics that differentiate your outfit from others.

Your business makes itself distinct through the image it presents to the world, through distinguishable staff and customer souvenirs like diaries, calendars, pens, wrist bands, etc.

We help your business find effective and efficient ways of increasing brand awareness, and develop an effective branding strategy.